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School & College Residential

Are you looking to book an exciting, educational and active residential stay for students? 

With 2 idyllic locations, One in a woodland in Somerset and one by the sea in Devon we are a perfect choice for any School residential...

Either stick with one or use both of our locations - we can arrange the transport between the two and they are only just over an hour apart. We run a wide range of activities that will challenge, stimulate and inspire the students taking part.

At both locations the accommodation we provide is bell tents. There are shower and toilet blocks. Breakfast, a packed lunch and a hot dinner are all provided. There is a large communal area (indoor and outdoor) with a fire pit for evenings as well as a kitchenette and facilities to make tea, coffee and hot chocolates.



Some of the activities we provide are:


  • Coasteering - Swim, scramble and jump your way around our beautiful coastline. Exploring hidden gullies and caves - it is natures playground. A great activity to push yourself, overcome fear by working at your own speed and help motivate others. Learning outcomes include: Self confidence, life skills, inter-team relationship. 

  • Armarda - This activity includes the use of different crafts to get everyone on the water at the same time. Depending on group size we can use our Giant paddleboards and rafts - meaning there is an option for everyone (from those who may not be so confident around the water to those wanting to jump off at every given chance). Teams will paddle their crafts to the beach together where they will unlock a chest to make a fire and enjoy some yummy treats to fuel the games and paddle back. They will also participate in team challenges such as: races, building a human pyramid and many more. Learning outcomes include: Inter-team relationships, communication, effective participation, problem solving. 

  • Stand Up Paddleboarding - Discover our cove by paddling your way through caves and over to a beautiful secluded beach. Team and individual games will be played to help students feel more relaxed on the boards and help out with paddling techniques. Students will be doubled up on boards to ensure the whole group make it to the beach together. Learning outcomes include: Communication, teamwork, effective participation, self management, inter-team relationships.

  • Surfing - Discover one of the great local North Devon surf beaches. Students will be transported to Woolcombe where they will have lessons with qualified surf instructors. They will be taught about flags and water safety, paddling and standing techniques. Learning outcomes include: Effective participation, self confidence. 



  • Splat Gun Paintball - Run, dodge, navigate, steal and recover. Work with your teams to complete set tasks without being shot! Splat is a slightly more tame version of paintball but with the same thrill! Our guns are spring loaded rather then gas, but watch out they still have a kick to them. This activity is a great way to get the team working together to achieve the end goal. Learning outcomes include: Inter-team relationships, problem solving, effective participation, life skills.

  • Search and Recover - To get students familiar with the site and surroundings, they will work as a team to orientate themselves around the campsite and the cove. Working together the team will need to communicate, de-code, decipher maps, briefs and riddles. Learning outcomes include: Self management, effective participation, teamwork, problem solving.

  • Recon Mission - A task driven activity where teams complete challenges at different locations before being able to move to the next. The central navigation point of this activity will be around the remains of an Iron age hill fort. Learning outcomes include:  Inter-team relationships - Communication - Effective participation - Problem solving - Creative thinking - Self-management - Reflective learning - Life skills.

we can tailor the activities to suit your needs and requirements.


So why choose Active Escape?

  • Professional, qualified and friendly staff
  • Great value for money 
  • Activities that help to build students confidence and many other life skills
  • Exciting coastal and woodland environment
  • Opportunity to create new friendships 
  • Trying new activities and pushing comfort zones 
  • Personalised day to day itineraries for your group
  • Exciting rustic camping experience 

And so many more! 


Feel free to email or call us about any further information, queries or questions you may have for your group on or 01271 320745