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Surf Rafting

Surf Rafting coming this season to North Devon with Active Escape Adventure.

Being part of the Croyde Surf Boat Rowing Crew  i love the total adrenaline rush of pounding out through the waves and then surfing back in again in a huge boat with 4 other people.  It quite an experience.

I came to thinking this would be a great activity for people to come and experience that have never rowed before.  However there is quite a skill to surf boat rowing.  So what we’ve done if swapped the big fiberglass boat and oars with a friendly big inflatable raft and plastic paddles.  Also to make it extra safe we issue wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets instead of the little speedos we have to wear in Surf boat rowing.

We have two rafts so can take a maximum of 12 people and when you have familiarising yourself with paddling, turning and capsize drills you’ll be ready to race.  Its a whole new experience.