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Surf Coach Safety and Rescue Course

Learn essential lifesaving expertise for use within the outdoor industry

Accredited SLSGB course


  • Duration: 3 Days

  • Location: Active Escape Adventure

  • Cost: £225


Our Surf Coach Safety and Rescue award is an SLSGB accredited course designed for aspiring watersport instructors looking to gain entry-level lifesaving expertise for the outdoor industry. 

This is a good course for you if you want to eventually work as a beach lifeguard to get an idea of the skills and knowledge that is required for such a crucial life saving role. The course includes many of the elements that you acheive on your lifeguard but if you have little experience it's a really good stepping stone and confidence booster.

The course includes vital elements of first aid, water rescue and fitness - you'll leave confident with your abilities and it'll look great on your CV for any potential employees as there is also the potential of acheiving a qualification in emergency first aid which is desireable in any industry and useful for day to day life.

This course is the minimum lifesaving prerequisite for surfing, coasteering, SUP and adventure instructors who will assist in taking groups into the sea.

This award is a valuable to asset to anyone looking for a career in the outdoors as it demonstrates the level of competence required to work safely in the sea. 

As with other SLSGB qualifications, the Surf Coach Safety and Rescue award is valid for 2 years and then to keep it valid you can complete an annual proficiency course which only takes a day. This keeps your knowledge and skills up to date.

You must be a member of SLSBG to enrol on this course.



Course content:


  • 200m swim 
  • 200m run (in under 60 seconds)


  • Beach Patrolling
  • Beach Environment
  • Working Practices


  • Board rescue
  • Peterson tube rescue
  • Lifeguard flags and signals

First Aid

  • CPR (infant, child and adult)
  • Choking (infant, child and adult)
  • Primary and Secondary survey
  • Recovery position and after care
  • Identifiaction and management of the following incidents
    • Head injuries
    • Spinal injuries
    • Bleeding
    • Fractures & Dislocation
    • Sprains & Strains
    • Shock
  • Bandaging 


course dates:

We currently have no set course dates

If there's a group of you that want to do the course and you had a particular date in mind just get in touch and we'll see what we can do for you. 

For more information, please get in touch