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FAQs - What are E-Watersports?

What are E-Watersports?

E-Watersports is the shortened term for 'electric watersports'. They take your usual watersports like paddleboarding, surfing etc. and make them electric. We've put electric motors on bikes, so why not put them on a paddleboard? It's the next level to the watersport that we are all getting to know and love.

  • Electric powered watersports kit
  • The electric bikes of the sea
  • The next big thing in watersports


What are the benefits of E-Watersports?

Watersports has seen a big boom in popularity over recent years, so why not look for the next big thing? The benefit of having motors on your bikes means you can tackle hills easier, travel a little further. Well the same goes for electric watersports!

E-Surfboards allow you to paddle out back easier, meaning you are less tired for catching waves. You can even use the motor to help you catch more waves!

Electric paddleboards let you paddle further afield, explore more caves and gullies around your favourite paddle places (although please make sure you know the area you are paddling in and do not paddle beyond your personal ability). You can also use an E-SUP to keep up with your paddle fit mates!

  • Paddle easier, further, faster
  • Catch more waves
  • Explore more of the coast


What is a Wavejam?

The wavejam is one of many electric jetboards on the market. Think of a bodyboard but with a motor attached. Just like bodyboards, the wavejam can be used in waves, it cuts through waves with ease. But that's not all, thanks to the motor, you can also take the wavejam out on flat water! 

The Wavejam has an incredible towing ability, so you can easily take out some friends with you! We like to tow a couple of inflatable craft behind and have others hold on!

The simplicity of the controls meaning that it is easy to get the hang of for people who are maybe a little younger, or a little older!

  • Electric Jetboard
  • Electric bodyboard
  • Easy to use


What is an E-SUP?

An 'E-SUP' is short for Electric Stand Up Paddleboard. E-SUPs vary in strength. Some can push you along the water without requiring you to paddle at all while others act more as a paddle assistant (just like electric bikes). E-SUPs are designed to enhance your experience while out on the water. They can help you reach that little bit further, explore that last gully and prevent you from getting too tired while out on the water. 

  • Electric stand up paddleboards
  • Enhance your experience
  • Explore more


What is a Scubjet?

The scubajet is an attachment for a SUP, turning any paddleboard into an electric paddleboard. It looks like a torpedo and is controlled by a watch. Just remove the central fin on the bottom of your SUP and you can attach this amazing bit of kit! With the watch, you can control the speed of the motor, all you have to do it turn a dial on the side of the watch and feel yourself take off.

Not only can the scubajet be attached to a SUP to turn it into a E-SUP but you can also attach a diving handle and light to it, to explore the incredible ecosystem under the surface.

  • A torpedo looking motor to turn any SUP into an E-SUP
  • Helps you explore further afield
  • Dive down and explore what's beneath the surface of the ocean


What is a Hydrofoil?

Hydrofoils have been used in the boating industry for many years. As the craft gains speed, the hydrofoil lifts the craft slightly above the water to reduce drag which, in turn, allows for greater speed. 

When it comes to watersports, hydrofoils look like surfboards that sit slightly above the surface of the water and are propelled in a few different ways...

Wing Foils involve using a small kite to life you out of the water, it has developed from kitesurfing.

EFoils are the electric version of the hydrofoil. They are propelled by a small motor at the bottom of the foil, all controlled by a handheld remote. It is a careful balancing act of using the propellor and pumping with your body.

Foiling is in the early stages of becoming a VERY popular watersport!

  • An up and coming watersport
  • Foils lift you above the surface of the water to reduce drag and increase speed
  • They can be either wind powered or motorised 



Where can I do E-Watersports?

The more common place to experience electric watersports are in the Mediterranean and on Super Yachts...not the most accessible place to have a go. There are few places around the UK that offer e-watersports, so we have put together a few packages that for you to try some of the differnet e-watersports on the market. Especially if you are thinking about expanding your current watersports kit and delving into the world of e-watersports, then we can offer a try before you buy.


Where can I buy my own E-Watersports kit?

There are many places where you can purchase e-watersports kit. With a piece of kit that is due to last as long as foils and SUPs, you want to make sure you enjoy the sport before you spend your money. We'd advise doing you research and maybe having a go on the specific kit before purchasing. We'd be more than happy to chat through the pros and cons of different makes and models and can even offer a try before you buy service of some different e-watersports.