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Electricfied for a better ride


There is no denying that electrically propelled vehicles are on the rise, e-cars, e-bikes, e-scooters, e-cars and hover-boards. So where does that lead the surf industry? Why buy an electric SUP?

Motorised electric paddle boards SipaBoards are designed to offer an all-round enhanced SUP experience. With a built in Paddle Assist module, you will paddle faster, ride further and get there and back again safer. Conquer new shores, beat the tides, paddle up-wind or up-stream and explore more.

Claiming to be the very first Electric SUP on the market the Sipa board is an award winning board, self inflating and jet propelled.

A clever design, the motor, pump, and battery are located in the middle of the board. After inflation, controlled either by the remote control or the Sipa app, the unit is securely locked into place.

The Sipa Drive collection all have a battery life of up to 3 hours, with speeds up to 3mph. With built-in jet propellers these boards make paddle boarding a lot more enjoyable, all whilst remaining emission free, due to being solely powered by electric.

Out of the Sipa collection we recommend the All-rounder board, as it  offers excellent stability and is ideal for everyone from beginners to advanced paddle boarders.


What stand SIPAboard apart from other propeled boards?


For anyone who has ever inflated a 10.6-inch SUP with an air pump, the answer comes easy.  You arrive at the water and you still have to pump the baord up before you can have fun.  So how about having a pump as part of the board!  The SIPA boards motor not only propels you along in the water, it also inflates your board!

But making the board self inflating was just a practical add on to what the Sipa motor is really about. And that is - having your back when the weather turns and helping you get back safely.





motorised stand up paddle board
self inflating stand up paddleboard
Stand Up Paddleboard bag, paddle, board and engine


Tech info

Performance   160 W  
Speed   up to 3 mph  
Length   11" x 35.5" x 6"  
Weight   14.25 kg  
Battery runtime   up to 1.20hr  


We are super excited to be able to sell this product in the UK, so if you're looking to get a motoriswed SUP to go on further and longer adventures get in touch.

Not sure if its for you? come and have and try one out with us.


SIPA All-Rounder Drive Price 

  •                  £2010

* This price is inclusive of Tax's