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Looking for your next bit of adventure kit?


We have some NEW electronic watersports (AKA E-Watersports) to share with you all!

We're very excited for you to be able to experience these water toys in such a stunning location.  

As a dealership, you have the opportunity to test out some of the E-Watersports before you buy one (or all) of our eletric water toys 


We have a few different E-Watersports for you to try and buy in our new, bespoke kit:


WAVEJAM - Our brand new electric bodyboard!

  • Waves or not, you'll storm through the water
  • Tow up to two friends behind you
  • You're in control!

SIPA - Want a little extra boost to your paddleboarding... this is our electric SUP!

  • Get a bit tired when paddling? Need an extra boost?
  • Take a load off and let the board do most of the work
  • The electric bikes of the sea!

SCUBAJET - A jet attachment for any SUP!

  • An attachment to you SUP that can be controlled by a watch!
  • Either attach it to a paddleboard and sit back or...
  • Attach the handles to dive down and explore the stunning environment under the ocean! 



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WAVEJAM experience:

Looking to try something new? Our wavejam experience is the perfect bumper for any holiday.

This 15 minute ride has you in control, towing up to two of your friends in the water behind you...swap round or stick to the same positions, the choice is yours.

You'll need:

  • swimwear
  • towel
  • change for parking


Minimum age: 8 for riding, 14 for driving the Wavejam (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult)

Cost: £45 for the 15 minute session (up to 3 people)



E-Watersports taster experience:

Want that little taste of superyacht life? Why not experience all our E-Watersports?

This 2 hour session gives you a taster all the E-Watersport equipment we have to offer. You'll take out the WAVEJAM and tow eachother around; experience the SIPA board and explore gullies and and the rugged North Devon coastline; and take a load off with the SCUBAJET as you ride around the coast or dive down to see what you can find on the seabed!

You'll need:

  • swimwear
  • towel
  • change for parking
  • shoes you don't mind getting wet


Minimum age: 14 years old 

Cost: £65pp




This is a bespoke session that we tailor to suit you, so please get in touch to check availability and book