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Jetboard waveJam


Wave Jam


Designed for pure thrills.  Why not try duck diving through the surf, towing your family back to the beach or simply powering through the water to your favourite cove for lunch.


Wave Jam is designed to give you an exhilarating experience blasting through the water.  Amazing for discovering the coastline, cruising from the beach or from the back of a boat to explore untouched beaches.  With Wave Jam you will catch every wave, and have that feeling of surfing everywhere you go.


We find the Wave Jam a great all rounder.  Not only can you cruise around the coast/waterway by yourself, you can also tow others with you.  We like attaching two inflatable bodyboards to the Wave Jam and towing people to different coves and beaches.

Not only can you tow bodyboards, we've also found you can tow a mega sup with at least 7 adults on.  Such is the torque on the Wave Jam there is little to no resistance on a flat day on the sea.

electric jetboard Wave jam
electric boadyboard
water toy wavejam equipment


Wave Jam 156 is our large battery pack model, giving you the longest possible time on the water, before needing to recharge.  This means bigger and better adventures and huge distances possible.


Comes with a 4A standard charger.  Add a super fast charger from accessories to upgrade your charging time.


Tech info

Performance   5000 W  
Speed   up to 9 mph  
Length   145 x 60 x 28 cm  
Weight   30 kg  
Battery runtime   up to 1hr


Price  £5,900 ex VAT