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Motorise your SUP

According to Wikipedia, standup paddleboarding (SUP) has been around for thousands of years, but modern SUP dates to the mid-1900s in Hawaii. So the sport is not new. What it’s new is the possibility of using power assistance to take it up a notch. With its innovative technology, compact design, and low weight the team at SCUBAJET are setting new standards in the water sports industry.


The purpose of SCUBAJET is to help people go beyond their limits.
Beginners might need support in finding balance and going far away while Stand-up paddling experts can use the full power of the electric engine. And what happens when you might suddenly realise you still have to get back? And, if the way back is against the current or the wind (or both), you might be in a pickle. SCUBAJET comes to the rescue you.  We've been trying in out around the coast and along with motoring your sup along, the SCUBAJET can also tow at least 3 other SUP's with passengers (we didnt want to push our luck wiyh 4)


SCUBAJET is known for being the World’s smallest & most versatile water jet system on the market. Smallest, because you can even travel with it, and versatile because with only one device you can play in the water in different ways: SUP, kayak, canoe, but also dive, snorkeling, swimming, and more.

electric motor on stand up paddleboard
attaching a motor to your stand up paddleboard
electric paddleboard kit for your sup


Tech info

    Pro Pro XR
Performance   1000 W 1000 W
Speed   up to 7 mph up to 7 mph
Length   42 cm 58 cm
Weight   3 kg 4.5 kg
Battery runtime   up to 2hr up to 4hr


We are super excited to be able to sell this product in the UK, so if you're looking to motorius your SUP to go on further and longer adventures get in touch.

Not sure if its for you? come and have and try one out with us.


Scubajet Price 

  •                  Pro £1360


  •                  Pro XR £1935


  •                  add 3 year warenty £150