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Quarantine Positivity 2.0

Another week has gone by in lockdown, meaning we have another dose of quarantine positivity for you!


But before we get started, for those that need reminding... It's Wednesday 6th May (at the time of publishing). Just thought I'd add that in because lockdown is starting to feel like that week between Christmas and New Year where no one knows what it is or which way is up.

Now that's done, let go!


Cue Gogglebox intro!


In the week when Boris returned to work and announced that the UK was past the peak of the curve, there was lots more to be positive about!

Nature has continued grow and flourish as we continue to head through spring. The country lanes are becoming more like footpaths as the hedges grow. Wildlife has continued to 'reclaim' the streets. This week, deer seem to have not got the memo that North Devon is closed for the time being, as they've been seen running round the streets of Woolacombe

More wildlife good news is that White-tailed Eagles have returned to England for the first time in 240 years!

And that's just in England!

Elsewhere, the numbers of rare species of turtles have increased in Thailand as beaches are now clear of people, allowing Turtles to lay their eggs!


So remember, there is some good to come out of lockdown!


We have also been blessed with some absolutely amazing weather during lockdown. Which, at the beginning, I couldn't decide whether this sun was a blessing or a curse BUT imagine how much harder life would have been if going out for your daily exercise meant going for a run in the rain! 

This sun has done wonders for people's fitness (check out our previous blog post for more fitness positivity) as well as their mental health. There have been numerous studies proving that even a short walk (or 2 hours spent outside, each week) is effective in reducing anxiety and depression, so let's be grateful that this sun is allowing us to get outside each day!


I don't know about you but this break from everyday life has given me the opportunity to explore my local area a bit more. I've found so many footpaths in and out of the village that I'd never noticed before and I doubt I'd have ever found had it not been for this lockdown.

So remember, there is some good to come out of lockdown!





We can so easily take for granted the things we have (Phones, TV, WiFi, having a garden! etc.) that it's sometimes nice to pause and reflect and be thankful for all those things. 

There was a great video released this week called 'The Great Realisation' that has a great message about life before lockdown and how we can learn from this break in life and move forward; to invest more time in people rather than things; to experience more rather than have more. There's so much that our country has to offer that people don't even know about because they're too busy buying the next gadget or booking their next holiday abroad. So take a minute to have a look about everything you can experience in England because there's something for everyone!

Whether you're an adrenaline junkie looking for your next thrill or more into relaxation, there's something for you!

Our coasteering sessions are great for those looking to push themselves out of their comfort zones! We are experienced in taking a variety of people out. So if you're happy just doing smaller jumps that's fine, or if you want some higher jumps then we have jumps up to approx. 10m!


Or if you wanted something a bit more relaxed, you can try paddleboarding. With our SUP Hire session, you get a free 15 minute lesson on the basics of how to paddleboard from one of our instructors. So don't be deterred if you've never been on a paddleboard before! It's an amazing experience and a great way to explore the stunning North Devon coastline!


During this period, we've been working hard to put in place measures so that we can ensure social distancing on our activities.


So let's stay positive. Check in on the people that we haven't yet. Let's continue with our hobbies. Because this new community, health and welfare centred world is undoubtedly better than the one we had before lockdown. Because this is a time when asking 'how are you?' isn't an empty sentiment, we actually mean it, we actually care. 

So remember, there is some good to come out of lockdown!


And also, get your applications in for The Chase soon because with all these lockdown quizzes you've been doing, the chasers won't know what's hit them!