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The following definitions will apply to these terms and conditions:


 “Active Escape” shall mean the Active Escape Adventure Ltd


“Instructor / Group Guide” shall mean: Where applicable Persons that hold relevant qualifications, are experienced and have current DBS (disclosure and barring service) certificates and NGB (National Governing Body). Further details of qualifications and additional information can be provided upon written request;


You the “Client” shall mean the person attending the activity;


 “Organiser” shall mean a client who is the contact/spokes person for their group


 “Session” shall mean start to finish of the activity period




A booking will be secured when full payment per person per activity is received by Active Escape. This is non-refundable


Your booking will then be confirmed by email and further details supplied that are relevant to your activity.


BACS is accepted if made a minimum of seven working days prior to activity date,

Online payments need to be made at least an hour before booked activity session or cash/card .


Prices are correct at the time of printing in brochures, adverts and website. Active Escape reserves the right to alter these prices without notification.


Variations to the payment of any other terms may only be made between Active Escape and you the client by agreement in writing


Once you have secured your booking with payment you will not receive a refund for any reason, if you give Active Escape 7 days notice you can reschedule your session.


Transport & Travel


Active Escape does not provide transport to any venue or activity, unless otherwise arranged. Organisers and clients must make their own travel arrangements and all payments connected with this including car park charges.


Organiser/clients responsibilities


It is the organiser/clients responsibility to notify Active Escape at the time of booking of any medical condition, allergy or disability that may affect his or her involvement, so that necessary arrangements can be made where possible to accommodate the condition.


Whilst Active Escape will use best endeavours to accommodate the individual requirements of clients with conditions notified to Active Escape, owing to the nature of the activities Active Escape cannot guarantee that these requirements will be met.


On booking the activity the organiser/client recognises and agrees that adventurous activities by their very nature carry a level of risk.  Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.   Failure to exercise due care could result in your injury or death.  It is the Clients responsibility to abide by the instructions given to you by your instructor/GG.


Where under 18’s are concerned the Organiser acting in ‘loco-parentis’ are responsible for the participants welfare and discipline. At least one responsible adult must be present at the start and end of any activity session and availble during the session should they be required.


Active Escape accepts no responsibility to Clients personal equipment and belongings.  It is the responsibility of the individual client to look after their own equipment and personal possessions brought with them to the activity.

On booking with Active Escape the client accepts that no claims including legal cost can be made as a result of your own or other participating client actions resulting in loss or damage to personal equipment or belongings.


It is expected that the environment we use for our activities is left clean and tidy,

encouraging care, consideration and respect for the natural habitat.




Cancellation Activities are dependent upon weather conditions and or tides. AEA reserves the right to cancel or postpone activities at short notice in the event of unfavourable weather conditions. These shall include, but not be limited to; high winds, gales, snow, big sea swell as forecast by the meteorological office. Organisers and clients will be contacted as soon as practicable possible by AEA to inform them of such changes or cancellations. If the client decides to cancel for any reason, AEA is not obliged to refund or reschedule.

AEA have set minimum ages for safety reasons and reserve the right to ask for verification of ages should we the age of a group member be in quesiton. AEA reserve the right to refuse participation should the age of a participant be in question, this will not result in a refund.


 Active Escape’s responsibilities


To provide the client with an adventurous activity experience.  Guide and Instruct clients in the environment and skills needed to achieve the most of the time and experience whilst at all times looking out for the safety of all involved in the activity.


Active Escape shall provide the relevant number of Instructors/Group Guide to lead activities.


All Instructor/GG will be fully aware and follow all Active Escape’s protocols and procedures


Active Escape will provide all safety equipment needed for the activity


Active Escape reserve the right to terminate participation of any client in any activity should that

individual/individuals be causing damage or offence that could put themselves/other clients/the environment at risk.