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Quarantine Fitness

Another week of lockdown done and I don't know about you but Covid is starting to feel a little like Voldemort, 'It-which-must-not-be-named'!


But things are starting to feel a bit more 'normal', even though it feels like we're living out our own groundhog day!

Video calling relatives is becoming a daily occurance, digital drinks with friends is the new 'going for a pint', and parents are finally getting to use the pythagoras theorem as they they're now teaching their kids (there you go, finally an answer to the age old question "when will I ever use this in life? The answer: Global pandemic).


This week saw Captain Tom raise more than £27M for the NHS as he completed 100 laps of his garden for his 100th birthday. Captain Tom received over 25,000 birthday cards from people all over the country ahead of his birthday on 30th April.



So let's have a look at some of the good news going on with people's fitness during lockdown! Some people are actually getting fitter than back when they had gym memberships!


One of the big crazes this week has been the 'Run 5, Donate 5, Nominate 5' social media challenge. Where people run 5km, donate £5 to NHS Charities Together and then nominate 5 friends to do the same.

This has got thousands of people off the sofa and running 5km (and if you can't manage 5km, stop at 1km, 2km, 3km, or wherever you feel comfortable!?!)

This challenge may have seen some questionable times (some claiming to have run 5km in 12 minutes - the current world record stands at 12mins 37secs) BUT the point is, people are getting off the sofa and out running!


Former rugby union player Ed Jackson undertook a huge challenge this week - he climbed Mount home!

Climbing Everest is both a physical and mental challenge for anyone and everyone that tries it, let alone a recovering quadraplegic! This is a truly inspiring achievement and definitely one worth checking out if you haven't already!

Starting on Tuesday this week, Ed began his mammoth task of climbing his stairs 5,566 times to reach the summit of Everest at 8,898m. His goal was to summit in 4 days and he completed this task on Friday at 16:07.

Ed smashed his original fundraising target of £10,000 and has now raised well past £40,000!


Another fitness phenomenon that has swept the world is PE with Joe Wicks! When it was announced that schools were closing in March, Joe Wicks decided he would do a daily 30minute HIIT exercise for school children (and parents too). People are more active now than they have been in a long time! Something that we will hopefully see continue when lockdown is over!

Let's keep up these creative fitness techniques! And venture into some more when lockdown is lifted!

Ever thought about Stand Up Paddleboarding? Not only is fun and a great way to explore stunning scenery, while still social distancing! It works wonders for core strength, joint stability and overall stamina. AND, most importantly, it allows you to escape everday life, giving you that well deserved break and boosting mental health and wellbeing!

For a limited time only we have 15% discount on our Stand Up Paddleboarding vouchers, you can buy one now and decide on the date later! And we give you FREE 15 minute tutorial, perfect for anyone who hasn't paddleboarded before!


If you're looking to increase your cardio after lockdown, then coasteering is a great full body workout. The combination of swimming in the sea, climbing and then jumping back into the sea is enough to tire out most people! We tailor our coasteering sessions to suit you, so can accommodate a variety of fitness levels.


So let's not forget that there is some good to come out of this bazaar situation we've been put in (even if it's just finally being able to use SOHCAHTOA in life!).

This lockdown will end and when it does, let's learn from it! Continue to have fun and spend time with your family. Continue to keep fit. And CONTINUE TO SMILE!