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Key Stage 2

Bring your students to us to complete vital parts of the National curriculum for physical education.

Students will be able to take part in outdoor and adventurous activities that will challenge them both individually and in a team.
Key elements we cover include - 
+Students will develop and apply a broad range of skills, using them in different ways.
+They will be encouraged to communicate, collaborate and compete with one another.
+They will be physically active for a sustained period of time.
+They will be shown ways they can improve their physical abilities
+They will be able to evaluate and recognise their own success with various challanges they can achieve throughout the session.

Life Skills
Swimming and water safety is what we think here at Active Escape - a really important part of the
We show the children in a fun way of how to perform a safe self rescue in the sea, we also teach them about the tides, rip currents and other sea safety knowledge that could one day save their lives. 

As you can see from our website we also have accommodation on site if you wanted a longer trip.