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north devon clifs and coastline

Quarantine Positivity

I'm sure you have heard these words being thrown about recently; 'unprecedented', 'uncertain', 'challenging', but let me throw a couple more words into that mix... 'exciting', 'stimulating'?!


With Covid-19 putting the country into lockdown, many people have lost their jobs/been furloughed, businesses are struggling, parents are struggling to teach their kids. It can be very easy, almost instinctive, to panic, worry and focus on all the bad that is going right now...




Why not look at it this way? Most parents are able to spend time with thier kids when they may otherwise have been working. Kid's will remember little of the bad that is going round at the minute, but what they will remember is the time when their parents were able to switch off and enjoy reading, colouring and playing with them everyday.

People are able to put down devices and pick up a book or a new hobby (I know I have) - How many of you have become hairdressers/barbers in the past few weeks? (and don't you have a new level of respect for the real hairdressers?!)


You only have to open a window or stand outside your door to hear the birds chirping, without interruption of enginges or car horns. Or look up what's happening in Venice, the canals haven't been this clear in years! Or google the Himalayas, people in India are able to see the Himalayas for the first time in 30 years!

So maybe there is some good to come out of all this?


We're all missing getting in the sea here at Active Escape but we know that our first coasteer back will be all the sweeter (or rather, saltier) when we can get back to jumping in the sea with you guys!



These past few weeks have been really testing for everyone and it's amazing to see how the country has banded together in support of out NHS and key workers. Down here in North Devon, we've seen a huge rise in support of local businesses and local produce!


It's also been a great time to reconnect with friends and family that we haven't seen or spoken to in a while. It's weird, that during a time when we are all isolated and separated from one another, we have never felt closer to some people!

So maybe there is some good to come out of all this?


Let's not stop doing any of this when our lockdown is over. Keep those new hobbies. Keep shopping local. Keep looking after the environment. Keep in contact with friends and family! 

Don't be afraid to take a step back from the bustle of everyday life.


And when we can get back out and back to some normality, why not try something new together?

Active Escape will be back as soon as we are allowed, so why not have a holiday/staycation and try something new? Cross something off your bucket list?

  • Coasteering
  • Paddleboarding
  • Coastal Rafting
  • Giant Party SUP

Have that family getaway that you've always talked about. Have a reunion with the friends that you have reconnected with during this time. Or treat a key worker to a well deserved break at the end of this.


When the time comes and this is all over, we look back on this time, so let's make sure we can have a look back on the positives in all this.


We can't wait to see all you lovely people when we come out of lockdown - we'll be up and running ready for you to have your escape!

But for now, stay safe! Keep smiling!