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Sipa Electric Paddleboard


Claiming to be the very first Electric SUP on the market the Sipa board is an award winning board, self inflating and jet propelled.

A clever design, the motor, pump, and battery are located in the middle of the board. After inflation, controlled either by the remote control or the Sipa app, the unit is securely locked into place.

The Sipa Drive collection all have a battery life of up to 3 hours, with speeds up to 3mph. With built-in jet propellers these boards make paddle boarding a lot more enjoyable, all whilst remaining emission free, due to being solely powered by electric.

Out of the Sipa collection we recommend the All-rounder board, as it  offers excellent stability and is ideal for everyone from beginners to advanced paddle boarders.


Top speed: 3mph

Battery duration: 2 hours

Power: 160W

Price £2,290 New

Price £1250 Ex demo

Delivery time 7days